Steering Robot

VEHICO steering robots can perform precise and repetitive dynamic steering in every vehicle test.

Typical experiments are slip tests according to FMVSS 126 respectively ECE R13-H, autonomous driving or rollover test.

This system is used by us regularly in the engineering sickle.


Combined Brake and Accelerator Robot

One robot - 2 pedals:

The integrated CC800 brake and accelerator robot operates both a brake pedal and an accelerator pedal.

For a wide range of driving tests, especially in the field of ADAS and EuroNCAP tests.

The pedal robot is compact, budget-friendly and quick to install.


co.remote - remote-controlled driving

The CO.REMOTE is a system that combines a driving robot with a remote control.

From the remote control, signals are transmitted outside the vehicle to the robot, which converts them into steering movements or pedals.

With CO.REMOTE autonomous driving tests can be performed in a very simple way, with no driver having to be inside the vehicle.