"Magal" is a unique company in Israel, specializing in providing engineering services in vehicles, trains, aviation and sailing.

Our company has four departments:


Experimental engineering

An engineering department with knowledge, capabilities and equipment that enable it to provide a complete and quick response to experiments and measurements with the various tools.

Among the areas of practice of the department:

Tests and examinations according to standards, characterization of environmental conditions, ADAS, preparation of technical characterization of the problem, SOW vehicle specifications, engineering design, production accompaniment, expert opinion, driving instructions and more.

The experiments are performed by skilled and professional personnel with years of experience in the experiments.


International standard

The Standards Department is the exclusive representative of DEKRA Germany Laboratory in Israel and some of the leading laboratories in the European and American markets. The department conducts European homologation (licensing) tests in Israel up to the issuance stage by registering with the Israeli Ministry of Transportation, which grants an Israeli vehicle license.


Magal-Afeka Car Lab

A national vehicle laboratory that is authorized by the Ministry of Transportation to provide laboratory services to Israeli consumers.

Among the areas of practice of the department:

Model codes for tiny importers, release of transportation products from customs, initial registration inspection, restructuring, prototype inspection agreements, conformity inspections and more.

Suppliers - Equipment for experiments

Magal is the exclusive representative of 2 experimental equipment companies - RACELOGIC, VEHICO, the companies are among the leaders in the market.

Through us you can purchase all the equipment that the companies produce.


Magal is a well-known company for government work, has high security classifications and is certified to international standards.:

  • 17025 - Performing experiments.

  • 17020 - Performing tests.

  • ISO9001- Quality Management.


Magal was founded in 2005 by Meir Magal (Maka) with 40 years of experience in the automotive field. 

During his 25 years in his military service, Maka built the vehicle for the IDF's special operations units in the Intelligence Corps and served in this unit for many years.

After his release, Maka established the Magal company from the same world, values of dedication to the mission, striving for uncompromising professionalism and a very high work ethic.

The staff of our company is professional and has been involved in the automotive field for many years.

We are a dynamic, flexible, reliable company with an immediate response to every challenge before us.

We believe that thanks to the staff, reliable service, accuracy, professionalism, innovation and technology - the company will be valuable and will contribute greatly to the Israeli car industry.

The company's vision:

Development of the local car industry to the world level while providing quality services,

Reliable  And accurate to factories and manufacturers in Israel - by Israeli teams.

Want to get more details? Contact us

 office@magaltech.com You can contact us at 02-5700645 or by email