The standardization process

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Individual approval for an automated system

Foundation stones for the process:

Individual Approval allows you to license a vehicle that has "lost" its original standard due to changes made to the vehicle. The process is performed according to  EU 2007/46 which verifies:

  • Vehicle safety level

  • Preserving the environment

  • Safety of additional users on the road.

Based on the approval of the prototype,  A "series" certificate can be issued for an individual chassis number for additional vehicles that are exactly the same as the prototype model.

How is the standardization process conducted?

Performing static structure analysis (FEA) tests and dynamic strength testing on me by the client.

Transfer of the results of the analysis data for review and evaluation of DEKRA

Presentation of the project to the regulator (brain of the standard)

Obtaining individual instructions from the regulator in addition to European regulatory requirements

Scheduling a prototype test

Requirement for European licensing

ECE / 2007/46

Receiving an initial assessment from DEKRA on the directives required in the exam

Transfer of information and data to DEKRA

Study and knowledge of the content of the work by "Magal"

Completion of the production process

Prototype model examination by DEKRA and Magal


Examination of exam results by DEKRA

Issuance of European Licensing Documents by DEKRA

Transfer of European Licensing Documents to the Regulator (Standardization Department)

Issuance of a registration directive by the regulator in accordance with the licensing documents

Defective repair performed by the manufacturer prior to re-examination

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Obtaining a vehicle license

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