International Laboratories


DEKRA Automobil is a European vehicle inspection company founded in Berlin, Germany in 1925. The company has about 45,000 employees, and is spread over 60 countries around the globe.

Dakra is the largest inspection company in Germany and the third largest in the world as it is the market leader in Europe.

The group focuses on testing vehicles and technical systems, but also offers other services, such as licensing and homologation services. 

Most of DEKRA's work includes expert evaluations, standardization inspections, periodic inspections of motor vehicles, safety inspections and technical systems inspections.

We at Magal are the exclusive representatives of DEKRA Automobil in Israel, we perform experiments in collaboration with the laboratory both in Israel and in the field of experiments in Germany.

In addition, the cooperation includes all the licensing and homologation processes in our company.


DEKRA's European Railway Unit,  Testing, certification and deciphering.

The company is located in the Netherlands and has over 100 years of experience!

DEKRA Rail helps railway companies organize their processes safely and cost-effectively, while contributing to improved performance.

The company operates in accordance with all European laws and standards.

We at Magal work in close cooperation with Dakra Trains, from the consulting stage to the testing stage and the production of reports.


DEKRA ASIA, is a company that specializes in experimental testing and homologation in vehicles.

It functions as one of the leading laboratories in China and provides a lot of licensing services to automakers who build and manufacture the company vehicles in Asia.

We at Magal collaborate with Dakra Asia, and know how to provide homologation and testing services in East and China in particular by the laboratory in direct communication.


Applus + IDIADA is an automotive engineering and laboratory company that provides design, testing, engineering and homologation services to the automotive industry.

The head office, located near Barcelona, Spain.

Adjacent to it is a 360-dunam experimental complex and facility.

The company is independent, and has an international network in 25 countries, including South Korea, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, UK, China, India, Poland, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Brazil, Thailand, USA, Russia, Turkey , Belgium and more.

We at Magal work in collaboration with IDIADA and perform experiments on car manufacturers, such as Doge, which runs new car models.


Transportation Research Center '(TRC)'  Is the largest test area for passenger cars in the United States. 

The center covers 4,500 acres in East Liberty, Ohio.

TRC is a source for research and development, compatibility testing and certification of vehicles and components.

The company performs tests designed to examine safety, energy, fuel consumption, emissions, durability, noise, crash simulation and performance.

The company inspects trucks, buses, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, electric vehicles, passenger cars and transportation components.  

TRC is one of the leading automotive laboratories in America on the subject of various vehicles and homologation.



NATC is a leading automotive SUV company in the field of SUVs.

Its test site serves as the home site of the U.S. Marines.

At Magal, we maintain daily contact with them and also collaborate with them on experiments both in Israel and on the company's website in the United States.



A well-known car lab located in Italy.

The laboratory tests components in the field of vehicles-

Authentication of passenger car and light commercial vehicle wheels,

Materials analysis and metrology.

The lab specializes in tires, wheels and rims, dynamic road trials, static trials, noise trials, testing against tire and vehicle manufacturers and homologation and wheel licensing.

Laboratory reports are accepted and approved by European market countries.

We at Magal are in constant contact with the laboratory on various and varied projects.
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