Who we are


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Magal is the sole representative of DEKRA Automotive Laboratory in Israel.

And representative of several leading laboratories in the European and American market such as IDIADA, TRC and more.

We perform European homologation (licensing) tests in Israel in accordance with Directive EU2007 / 46 or EC2018 / 858 up to the stage of issuing a registration directive at the Israeli Ministry of Transportation and a preliminary stage for issuing a vehicle license.


Most of the work is done in the following areas:

Individual Approval

Individual approval for a single vehicle, or a small number of vehicles.


Small Serious

Certificates for a small series of vehicles.

Individual approval for an automated system.

Certification and certifications


Magal has been authorized by the DEKRA Automobile Test Center to provide the required laboratory approvals for automotive products manufactured in Israel.  The goal is to perform, here in Israel, the exams required for obtaining European certification and licensing certificates, while saving time and costs.


The Standards Department works in conjunction with the Department  The engineering, which was certified by DEKRA Automobile GmbH to perform the tests and examinations required for European standardization and licensing certificates.

In addition, the Department of Standards has the option of making the necessary adjustment in the issuance of European Standardization Documents to an American Standardized Product (FMVSS).


Beyond Magal - being the sole representative of DEKRA Automobile Test Center in Israel, she is certified, valued and recognized

By the Israeli Ministry of Transportation.

Accompanying companies in the standardization process

The Standards Department accompanies its clients in the provision of automated homologation and standardization services, from the planning stage, throughout all stages of production, through the relevant standardization tests, to the issuance of the required European standardization certificates.

Additional collaborations


Magal is the representative of some of the leading European and American laboratories in the automotive, automotive testing and international standardization industry .

Among our partners you can find the Spanish IDIADA laboratory, the American TRC, the Dutch DEKRA RAIL, the Italian TO PROV LAB, the American NATC and more.

Thanks to the many collaborations made with these companies, Magal makes it possible to produce tests, exams and integrity for single vehicles of its kind in Israel.

Test equipment


Magal operates state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and is updated with the most innovative test technology in accordance with the requirements of the DEKRA Automobile Test Center. Magal also operates with appropriate methods and experimental sites, which provide the highest level of safety during the trials. In this way, the company maintains the highest level of performance without compromising the safety of the product under test, in accordance with the safety requirements with which the DEKRA Automobile Test Center operates.