Who we are

Sickle Engineering

The engineering department has diverse and proven capabilities in the field of dynamic and static experiments and measurements.

The department has capabilities, equipment and equipment for field experiments at the highest level.

The department conducts environmental characterization experiments, road experiments, automated experiments and more.

We operate at sea, in the air and on land and carry out the experiments on a variety of platforms: vehicles, trains, bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, boats, drones, skimmers, mortars, cannons, explosions, firing and crushing experiments.

We will accompany you through the various stages: characterization of the experiment, definition of the requirements, writing an experiment plan, execution of the experiment including full instrumentation of all the participating elements and production of appropriate reports.

The staff of the department performs the experiments with great professionalism, with the experiment being performed as an exit to the operation out of a sense of mission, efficiency and striving for success.

During our years of operation, we have performed thousands of complete processes of experiments and tests.



Test equipment


Magal operates state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and is updated with the most innovative test technology. 

Magal also operates with appropriate methods and experimental sites, which provide the highest level of safety during the trials.

In this way, the company maintains the highest level of performance without compromising the safety of the product under test.